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One man
16 months
8000 kilometers
Amazing adventure
One man 16 months 8000 kilometers Amazing adventure
8000km Across Canada

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Journal from our expedition

2015-04-10, Day 90
Journal, Day 90

Visiting Lake Louise, BEST DAY
I had troubles to wake up, but I had enough time to rest in Calgary. Friday, nice day ...

2015-03-25, Day 60-65
Journal, Day 60-65

Golden - cart repair, eat and rest
I arrived to Golden on Friday night and I was invited to stay in Golden in a nice plac...

2015-03-15, Day 54

Bad weather and delays
I look outside and it's very bad right there, I don't see anything! Heavy fog in mount...

2015-03-14, Day 53

Support needed please
I son't know why but I woke up before 8 am, I stayed in a bed llonger of course. I dec...

2015-03-13, Day 52
Journal, Day 52

Marathon to Revelstoke, extremely tired
I woke up early but somehow I was feeling good. When y ou expect something, in this ca...

2015-03-12, Day 51
Journal, Day 51

Entering Rocky Mountains
how would you feel after a very short night when you arrived dead to the city? The day...

2015-03-11, Day 50
Journal, Day 50

Marathon with flu, heading to Sicamous
After few days in 2 motels I decided I can't stay any longer in that place, to expensi...

2015-03-10, Day 46-49
Journal, Day 46-49

Having flu in Enderby - March 7-10th
Today I decided to walk from Armstrong towards Sicamous, but after about 14km I was fe...

2015-03-06, Day 44-45
Journal, Day 44-45

Dying in Armstrong, March 5-6th
I am dying, the worst of the flu, I spent the entire day in a bed, I lost my voice. I ...

2015-03-04, Day 43
Journal, Day 43

Meeting with fans on the road, night in Armstrong
I am dying, my body does not respond, not willing to do anything, feeling cold! But I ...

2015-03-03, Day 42
Journal, Day 42

I made it to Vernon
I started in a place where I finished, in Tim Hortons. I was walking without my cart s...

2015-03-02, Day 41
Journal, Day 41

Interview for Global News
After a very short night I decided to go to Vernon. I was at polish family's house so ...

2015-03-01, Day 40
Journal, Day 40

From Peachland to Kelowna
Another beautiful day, only 25km to walk from Peachland to Kelowna. Few days ago I was...

2015-02-28, Day 39
Journal, Day 39

Day to ressuply
This day was mostly to get more supplies like food and everything I needed for the hig...

2015-02-27, Day 38
Journal, Day 38

Polish School in Kelowna
After a restfull night I felt very good and finally  relaxed after difficult moun...

2015-02-26, Day 37
Journal, Day 37

Relax, relax and nothing more
Finally I was able to rest a little bit, walking in mountains is not easy and it takes...

2015-02-25, Day 36
Journal, Day 36

Almost a day off
After a short night but really relaxing I started in a point I finished. I had only 10...

2015-02-24, Day 35
Journal, Day 35

Ultra marathon 50km
After a good and relaxing night in Jellicoe B&B I prepared to go really quickly an...

2015-02-23, Day 34
Journal, Day 34

Jellicoe Bed and Breakfast - great apple juice
Last night was cold! The humidity was high so there were some water in my tent, not re...

2015-02-22, Day 33
Journal, Day 33

Leaving Princeton
After some relax in Princeton, good dinners, relaxing sleep I decided to move forward....

2015-02-21, Day 31-32
Journal, Day 31-32

Relax in Princeton
It was really difficult, I lost many kilograms and I decided to stay few days in Princ...

2015-02-19, Day 30
Journal, Day 30

Extreme dehydration next to Princeton
I survived the night in a tent in wilderness, ok, it's not a scary experience but I wa...

2015-02-18, Day 29
Journal, Day 29

Night in wilderness
I feel good and I am ready to go! My destination? Princeton, only 68km left. The plan ...

2015-02-17, Day 28
Journal, Day 28

Manning Park - my stomach hurts...
The days started normally but I realized that there is somethingg wrong with my stomac...

2015-02-16, Day 27
Journal, Day 27

Manning Park
COLD!!! The night was realy cold, -15*C in mountains but inside my sleeping bag it was...

2015-02-15, Day 26
Journal, Day 26

Walking on highway 3
After a short stay in Sunshine Valley it was time to go to Manning Park. It was someth...

2015-02-14, Day 24,25
Journal, Day 24,25

February 13 and 14th
  I was invited by a nice familly to stay longer to solve some issues with my...

2015-02-12, Day 23
Journal, Day 23

To Sunshine Valley
I was in contact with Polish family living in Sunshine Valley, it’s a wild area ...

2015-02-11, Day 22
Journal, Day 22

Day for private things
Since I started walking I didn’t hav any day I could do whatever I wanted, I just ...

2015-02-10, Day 21
Journal, Day 21

I hope I will relax in Hope
I survived the night and I wanted to be in Hope ASAP! I had something for breakfast f...

2015-02-09, Day 20
Journal, Day 20

Camping next to gas station
I had troubles to leave the house I was sleeping, I don’t know why but sometimes I ...

2015-02-08, Day 19
Journal, Day 19

Meeting with Mrs. Janina
After a great night in a hotel sponsored by Mrs. Janina we meet in the morning for lun...

2015-02-07, Day 18
Journal, Day 18

My first maraton
After a great night in a Polish house in Abbotsford I was heading to Chiliwack. Fro...

2015-02-06, Day 17
Journal, Day 17

From Langley to Abbotsford
After a day off I decided to go to Abbotsford, the weather was bad, it was raining aga...

2015-02-05, Day 16
Journal, Day 16

Preparing to go and working with maps
I decided to have a day off and I had a chance o work with maps. I spent the entire da...

2015-02-04, Day 15
Journal, Day 15

Terry Fox and Canadian Polish Congress BC
After a night in a house of a member of Polish Sailing Club in Vancouver I knew I had ...

2015-02-03, Day 14
Journal, Day 14

Improving equipment
AAAAAA everything hurts me! After destroying my heels I decided to work at home. My eq...

2015-02-02, Day 13
Journal, Day 13

Lucky 13...
I started In Stanley Park and this was a really boring day, I was waking through downt...

2015-02-01, Day 12
Journal, Day 12

Walking, walking, walking...
Oh my god! The night was terrible, the boat was shaking all the time and everything in...

2015-01-31, Day 11
Journal, Day 11

Radio IKS
The night was really cold, there were a lot of condensed water. But you know, for me s...

2015-01-30, Day 10
Journal, Day 10

Consul General of Poland In Vancouver
The day was really nice, I was sleeping on a boat and I had time to rest. This day I w...

2015-01-29, Day 9
Journal, Day 9

Visiting Vancouver
After a night in Mr Janusz’s house in Squamish I could spend some time working as al...

2015-01-28, Day 8
Journal, Day 8

Visiting Whistler
A little bit confused, because I didn't know where I was, I woke up at a new place. Mr...

2015-01-27, Day 7
Journal, Day 7

Ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver
After great night in a Sharon’s house , morning started not so good due to bad weath...

2015-01-26, Day 6
Journal, Day 6

Faith In humanity restored
Last day was full of different adventures. I woke up and I still had them in my mind. ...

2015-01-25, Day 5
Journal, Day 5

Night in a tent and Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Last night was awesome! I slept at Glenora Farm, that was all I needed.. I realized to...

2015-01-24, Day 4
Journal, Day 4

Glenora Farm and Kinsol Trestle
In the morning I realized it was raining, but it wasn't something terrible. I had a gr...

2015-01-23, Day 3
Journal, Day 3

First night in a tent
After a night in a motel in Malahat I decided to go to Shawnigan Lake, but... I had a ...

2015-01-22, Day 2
Journal, Day 2

On Trans Canada Highway
After a good night at Miriam and Sławek's house I headed to Trans Canada Highway, whi...

2015-01-21, Day 1
Journal, Day 1

TODAY IS THE DAY! Wednesday, January 21st! Beautiful day in Victoria, but it started r...

2015-01-20, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

Visiting Victoria
Hello everyone! My first day in ictoria I vvisited downtown and everything interesting...

2015-01-19, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

Flight to Victoria and my first impression
I'm really excited! I will be walking 8000km Across Canada in a few days! The day was ...

2015-01-17, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

Survival kit - must have, never use
Imagine you're walking across Canada and suddenly, by mistake, you lost your backpack ...

2015-01-11, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

Some thoughts about ugly messages I receive
Dear all,

2015-01-10, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

SAFETY LIGHTS - Always prepared
Alone in the middle of nowhere? Walking on a road at night? Emergency situation? All o...

2015-01-08, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

WINTER SLEEPING BAG - For extremely cold nights
Is it possible to survive the coldest nights in Canada when temperatures drop down to ...

2015-01-07, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

FIRST AID KIT - Caution is good, but preparedness is better
How to protect health and life far away from cities? Each expedition requires a first ...

2015-01-04, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

Backpack- for the biggest adventures
The best possible backpack for any expedition is a key to successs. Equipment, food, w...

2015-01-02, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

FIRE - My desire to start fire
Fire is one of the most important priority of survival - it heats up the body, make pe...

2015-01-01, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

KNIVES AND MULTI-TOOLS - Sharp edges. Watch your fingers
For most people it's a must-have during camping or a survival situation. Every person ...

2014-12-30, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

STOVE AND COOKING SET - Keep calm and cook on
Good preparation of food is essential during my expedition. It must be adequate to the...

2014-12-16, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

Thermoactive clothes BRUBECK - your bodyguard
THERMOACTIVE CLOTHES - the most important underwear used to protect body against cold....

2014-12-10, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

SHELTER - Surviving the Extremes
How to survive the most hostile weather conditions for a man and stay optimistic? How ...

2014-11-10, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

WATER - The Essence of Survival
Water is essential for life. Without it man is able to survive only a few days. It is ...

2014-09-01, Day 0
Journal, Day 0

FOOD - Eat with smile, walk a mile
Many of you asked me to write some about food, this would be a good article I think, p...

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