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One man
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8000 kilometers
An epic journey
One man 8 months 8000 kilometers An epic journey
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Golden - cart repair, eat and rest

Journal, 2015-03-25, day 60-65, Localization: British Columbia | See full Journal!

Friday, March 20th

I arrived to Golden on Friday night and I was invited to stay in Golden in a nice place fu of students. I was really tired after a long walk, my cart was broken. I started around 11am and I did 40km, I finished in mcDonalds in golden around 7pm, it was not really uphill but a marathoon is not easy. I had a dinner and went almost straight to bed.

Saturday, March 21st

I was dead. I spend all day in a bed...

Sunday, March 22nd

Dead.  I had enough energy to do something, I was able to eat a good dinner, ribss, french fries and salad, that;s all I needed to live! I spent some time finding bike stores to repair my cart...

Monday, March 23rd

I went to the store to rrepair my cart, change wheels etc. Another good dinner, steak, salad and beer!

Tuesday, March 24th

READY TO GO! My cart was repaired and I picked up all my tires. I planned to start on Wednesday. I had another good dinner - ribs!

Wednesday, March 25th

What a disaster. It's foggy here and not safe to walk. The highway is expected to be difficult and good visibility is required to survive. Expected start tomorrow - Thursday!

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