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One man
8 months
8000 kilometers
An epic journey
One man 8 months 8000 kilometers An epic journey
8000km Across Cana Expedition

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Buy kilometers and support our expedition - Step 1: select type of kilometers

Special kilometers

Special kilometers are kilometers with significant numeric value.

Special kilometers:
2-10km, 66km, 77km, 666km, 777km, 1000km, 2000km, 3000km, 5000km, 6000km, 7000km, 7777km, 7990-7999km

1km = 170 CAD

16 of 30 KM available
Premium kilometers

Premium kilometers will be available as an auction.

Premium kilometers:
1km, 4000km and 8000km (begining, middle and end of expedition).

Standard kilometers

Standard kilometers are kilometers of all expedition excluding special and premium kilometers.

1km = 10 CAD

6406 of 7967 KM available
Special kilometers sponsors
Special kilometers
Standard kilometers sponsors
Standard kilometers

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8000km Across Canada

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