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2015-02-15, Day 26

Walking on highway 3

After a short stay in Sunshine Valley it was time to go to Manning Park. It was something like 48km so I decided to divide it into 2 days. The weather was nice, the backpack was heavy, good adventure.

I was walking on highway 3 towards Princeton, the road was long, full of turns. It was difficult since it was uphill almost all the time!

It was an ordinary day, walkin and walking. Next to the road there were places full of snow, really deep snow which made difficult for me finding a good place for camping. I didn;t want to walk after sunset, but I had to, I was looking for a nice area and finally I found it! Grass! Snow all around but in this place it was really nice, uncovered grass. The evening was cold so th round was frozen, I didn;t waste time, quick dinner and I closed my sleeping bag, I was safe.

Po drodze nr 3

Pracuję nad tym :)

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