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2015-02-24, Day 35

Ultra marathon 50km

After a good and relaxing night in Jellicoe B&B I prepared to go really quickly and I was walking on Old Princeton Summerland, something like 10-15km to the intersection with Trout Creek Forest Service Road. It was easy to walk, but I had a feeling I missed this road, it was a difficult moment for me..... I had a plan to go to Peachland using a shortcut, through Summerland it would be something like 70km more to walk...

Fortunately I found this road and it was not covered with snow. Few hills on my way but I was able to walk really fast. Suddenly the car stopped and there were 2 people working in a forest, it's good you can meet people basically everywhere! I had to move forward since I didn;t want to spend an extra night on this road, no place for my tent at all...

I had a goal to walk to Peachland, I knew someone could host me there so I knew I could force myself to walk a big distance. But you know, after 20km I was really fighting with my head, it wasn;t easy to walk that day and the backpack was heavy, really heavy...

After about 40km I was still far from Peachland, it was aready dark but I didn;t use any lights, I was to tiired to find them. There were signs next to the street indicating each kilometer. 10km from the end of the road I finally get a signal in my phone and I was able to contact Canadian Polish Congress in BC that I need support, luckily there were people in Peachland who could host me for a night so they icked me up from this road...

50km in one day, I was almost dead. I was so happy I could eat something hot and sleep in a bed!

Ultramaraton 50km

Pracuję nad tym :)

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