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2015-03-04, Day 43

Meeting with fans on the road, night in Armstrong

I am dying, my body does not respond, not willing to do anything, feeling cold! But I had to go, only 25km to Armstrong, mostly on a flat terrain! After a breakfast I left the house, no cart so it was easier, we decided to meet in Armstrong and I will get all my equipment.

It took me a few hours to leave Vernon, people were looking at me and I know it's because of the interview I made few days ago, it was a great feeling to be recognized by people! When leaving the city I was supposed to meet with Remigiusz, a friend I met on facebook and he was going somewhere in BC, it's good to meet someone on the road and talk in Polish, really good feeling!

I arrived late to Armstrong, the road was difficult because of my slow pace, it was getting dark and walking on a highway was a poor idea, you know that.

I finally arrived to Tim Hortons at the beggining of the city, I met with a person from Vernon, I packed my cart and I decided to stay somewhere in a warm place, flu was killing me....

When I arrived to the motel, everything was closed except for the McDonalds and the gas station, I was hungrry so I had to buy something, in a gas station of course!

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